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Get Motivated!

By Marivic Guzman

We've all been there... Or, at least I have!
It seems like one day you wake up and you don't know how you got here. By here, I mean overweight and unhappy. I was not happy with myself.
I was tired. Tired from having two young children and all that accompanies the duties of being a parent- endless cleaning, cooking, crying, sleepless nights, no time for my husband, let alone myself! I was tired of my knees aching from carrying around all this excess weight that was not intended for my 5'4" frame. Tired of looking in my closet and finding NOTHING TO WEAR. I was just tired of being tired.
I knew I was overweight... possibly obese(!), and I knew I had to do something about it. But... like many people, I also had excuses:
1. "I work too much."
2. "I have young children, and no babysitter to watch my kids."
3. "It takes too much time to prepare a healthy meal."
4. "It's too expensive to eat healthy."
5. "I just don't have time."
Sound familiar?
The question you should be asking yourself is, "How can I overcome these obstacles?"
The motivation is already within you. But it's up to YOU to fight the fight within you. I am definitely still struggling with my own demons everyday. I am definitely not where I want to be physically... yet! I made a promise to myself to change my life (and my health!) for the better with the birth of my second child. Because for me, I wanted to be a better example to my children. I did not want to teach them that it was okay to "settle" for a certain kind of lifestyle. I wanted them to be fit, healthy and vivacious— but how would they ever learn that from a person who wasn't "practicing what they preach"?
So... how do you find "IT"? Well... where the heck did you leave it??!!
Look within yourself. What inspires you? What drives you?
Are you tired of what you see when you look in the mirror?
Tired of wearing the same loose-fitting clothes because you hate going shopping?
Or, do you WANT to go shopping... but can't ever find anything that fits right?
Do you want to fit into a wedding dress?
Do you want to wear a two-piece bikini to the beach and not worry about what anyone thinks of your body?
Do you want your high-school or pre-baby body back?
What is "IT"? Find that ONE thing that is going to give you that little spark... that extra "uuumpf' when you're working out and just want to give up.
Once you find that little piece of motivation, hang onto it. Nurture it like you would a wounded animal. Because that is exactly what it needs. Your drive— your motivation, for whatever reason, is damaged.
Make it your mantra, your motto.
And feed it.
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